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New Obsession: Paleo Burrito

Paleo Burrito from Humble Foodie

With summer fast approaching, I’ve shaken out my picnic blanket and started working on new paleo-friendly picnic recipes. There are plenty of vegetables and ingredients that work as a paleo substitute for classic picnic foods; for example, spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles for pasta salad. Sandwiches are trickier. I’ve tried hearty almond flour pancakes that serve as bread, thin egg-based crepes for wraps, and portobello mushrooms instead of a burger bun. These all taste great, but they don’t always travel well.

Collard greens have come to the rescue for a sturdy stuffed wrap or burrito. These big leaves are slightly thicker than lettuce, wrap well, and can hold hot or cold ingredients. I love to use and reuse leftovers, and having a bunch of collard greens in the fridge means I can always repurpose roast chicken or pulled pork into a tasty paleo sandwich. With leftovers in the fridge, wrapping a burrito takes less than five minutes. Stick a toothpick in it and you’ve got lunch to go!

Today I’m sharing my favorite paleo burrito and wrap fillings. I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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Chicken Kebabs over Cauliflower Couscous

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Spring and summer are the seasons of friendship. As the sun heats up, moods lift and everyone comes out of winter hibernation to plan warm-weather fun. Sunshine sets the stage for a myriad of casual social events, from BBQs to picnics to camping trips. Now that we’ve compared gas and charcoal BBQ grills, hopefully you’re ready to join me for some outdoor fun.

My family owns a gas grill that we fire up often in the summer. Though the smoky flavor imparted by a charcoal grill is phenomenal, the convenience of setup and ease of cleanup make gas a winning option for casual dinners. One of our favorite family recipes for Sunday dinner is chicken kebabs served over couscous. I’ve been working on my Paleo version of couscous for awhile, and I’m excited to share this meal with you today!

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Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Hi there! If you’re new to the Humble Foodie, thanks for dropping by! If you’re enjoying the recipes, projects, and musings, follow Humble Foodie on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest for even more pictures and updates. New friends are always welcome.

Paleo dolmas stuffed grape leaves with lemon

As a young child, I was a picky eater, despising spinach and hiding carrots under my high chair. I would plead with my mom for pizza Lunchables and TV dinners with chicken nuggets. I was an adventurous eater when it came to anything sugary, but if it grew in the ground, no thank you! What a strange exception, then, that such a picky child loved a dish wrapped in tangy grape leaves.

Dolmas, or stuffed grape leaves, are seasoned lamb mixed with minced onions and lemon juice and wrapped up in a tangy grape leaf. Despite my normal aversion to green and leafy vegetables, I would lick lemony sauce off my fingers and beg for more any time we ate them.

I grew up eating dolmas under the watchful eyes of my mom and her best friend, a beautiful artist who taught summer camp in our backyard and always had freezer pops on hand. We would drive to her house in DC and the moms would settle on her shady patio surrounded by blooming trellises. My brother and I would go nuts vying for the attention of her three children (all older, and thus way cooler, than us), bouncing on the trampoline and lovingly hassling her dog. In between our energetic fits, we would return to the patio to make a plate of stuffed grape leaves disappear along with a platter of hummus and pita.

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Longganisa (Filipino Sausages) and Quinoa

Someone told me a long time ago that I’m a freak for enjoying grocery shopping. Do people really hate grocery shopping that much? For me, walking down the aisles of a good market is like exploring a new world. Picking out juicy berries and fresh fish is fun, but my favorite part of shopping is picking out a treat every time. The treat is usually something I’ve never seen or eaten before, and I always have fun experimenting with a new ingredient. Over the past year, I’ve simmered bone broth with cow’s feet, made soup with chayote, and discovered a love of baked plantains and liver (not together).

This week, I visited a new grocery store that stocks tons of produce, sauces, and products from around the world. I had to hold myself back from buying Indian or Chinese bittermelon, daikon for pickling, whole red snapper, or one of a rainbow of different hot peppers. Not everything was quite as tempting–the whole pigs’ heads could very well stay in the case. My roommates put up with a lot of my weird culinary exploration, but I’m not sure any of us could handle a snout poking out of the fridge.

longganisa filipino sausages quinoa

This week’s ingredient, on the other hand, had everyone following their noses to the kitchen. Longganisa, a Filipino sausage similar to chorizo, can be made with pork, chicken, or beef. The spices and seasonings vary by region, and there are two main varieties. Jamonado or hamonado is a sweet version that smells like warm sugar as it cooks. De recado is a spicier version flavored with vinegar and garlic. I found all this out from Jun-blog, a Filipino cooking blog featuring beautiful photography and a lovely Filipino food alphabet project.

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London Broil and Roasted Broccoflower

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. Great things are keeping me busy: I’m researching a path for July when my second AmeriCorps service year ends, some cool blog opportunities have come my way, and I’ve been helping with recruitment events for two wonderful programs. Trying to stay on my toes 24/7 and make all the exciting things happen at once is thrilling, but it can also be tiring.

I’m trying to build a life that can welcome such abundance without leaving me running ragged.

What does this mean? I need to prioritize. I’m learning to say no sometimes. My time shouldn’t be free for the taking; I should dedicate it to the people and causes I care about. And finally, I need to remember to take care of myself.

What does that look like? I know I’m a broken record, but it starts with food*. My idea of the perfect comfort foods meal starts with beef and comes with a side of mashed (sweet) potatoes and gravy. You might think that a classic meal like this takes a long time to make, but it absolutely doesn’t have to. Let’s talk about comfort food on a time crunch.

london broil roasted broccoflower

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Butterflied Roast Chicken

easy roast chicken

Okay, so remember the Whole30? A month of squeaky clean Paleo eating, full of delicious food and feeling awesome…followed not by the recommended reintroduction phase, but by diving into a Manhattan as the kickoff to a total sugar, grains, and dairy bender. Eek!

Obviously this is less than ideal, but I’m not going to harp on it here. Basically, my dive into horrid habits has left me craving a hearty, real foods dinner. At the same time, I wanted something quick and easy that I could make in under an hour and enjoy leftovers from for the next few days. One of the temptations post-Whole30 was to fall back on convenience food rather than have to cook everything I ate. It isn’t hard to come up with Paleo convenience foods, but it does take just a bit of planning. This roast chicken recipe was the perfect solution.

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Guest Post: Smoked BBQ Pork Shoulder – A Marathon of Cooking

I am thrilled to introduce today’s guest post by my friend David. We met through the crew team in 9th grade and have been part of an amazing, close-knit group of friends ever since. After high school in Virginia, David headed farther south and honed his cooking skills and barbecue connoisseurship, which he is sharing with us today. Thank you, David, for this mouth-watering post!

The Humble Foodie welcomes guest posts–if you are interested in sharing a story about food, a favorite recipe, or a DIY project, email me at alicia (at) humblefoodie (dot) com with the subject line “Guest Post”.

backpacking high school

Preparing to go backpacking after senior year of high school: David, Amelia, me, Andrew

Let me begin with a thank-you.  I want to thank Alicia and her incredible blog for saving my hungry/sorry/tired behind on more than one occasion and in more than one pinch.  Can I just say how awesome it is to be writing a guest post for her?  One word: Humbled.  The truth is, if this type of meal doesn’t earn you a spot on a foodie blog, what will?

I live in the Great American South.  Somewhere in my little corner of Southeast Georgia I have fallen in love with Southern food.  Hams, hogs, cornbread, Collard greens (Greens), Okra, Corn, Oysters, Sweet Potatoes, Grits, Shrimp, Tomato Pie, and last but not least, Barbeque.  I’ve fallen in love with that last one.  Not just any barbeque, but good, slow hardwood-smoked barbeque that makes you want to slap you leg and yell “DAMN that’s good!” Continue reading

Pan-Seared Scallops

Fresh seafood is always a treat–and it’s the perfect type of special food to indulge in during the Whole30. Sea scallops tend to be expensive, so I don’t eat them often but appreciate them every time. If you can find a specialty seafood market, look there for the best catch. Though they seem like a fancy meal, scallops take just moments to cook. This light seasoning lets the natural flavor of high quality seafood shine. A delightfully easy pick-me-up meal for the middle of the week.

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